Thursday, March 27, 2008

"That Face 1115"

Computer rendering in Picassa and Paint, by Michael Serafin, from a sketch by Mary Stebbins Taitt


---Michael--- said...

And now for the REST of the story: Mary (my good friend and computer companion from Detroit) sent me a scanner copy of a notebook sketch she made (by hand, of course) on Easter which she called "Portrait for Paul". As I am wont to do (because I am not a very talented sketcher) I borrowed Mary's jpg sketch into Paint and redrew it in the image of a younger girl, smiling slightly as she dreams of something we cannot know. The frame enlarged, she moved on to Picasa for what turned out to be a kind of magical glow, which in itself took about a half-hour of tinkering with tinting, saturation, desaturation around a central point, sharpening and defocusing... I envisioned what appearance a fairie might take on. That was the process.

---Michael--- said...

I may be introducing a new term here, but this should be considered "collective" art... it took the efforts of more than one individual to come about, operating in more than one medium, in more than one place and time.