Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"NOVA" Experiments

All of these renditions were derived from one photo source original, and processed with Picasa to achieve all the varied effects seen.
You could go on by retinting the maze and blowing the image up farther.....MS
2nd: "NOVA I"
3rd: "NOVA II"
4th: "SUNSKIN"
5th: "MAZE of NORAD"

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ImperfectNerd said...

This collection is the result of too much coffee and a long night on Picasa, which isn't a BAD name for a coffee, either, come to think of it. The effects are drawn from the ability to crop smaller and smaller and apply all the tools to each stage, and if I had to describe how I did it byond that, you'd be lost because of all the steps I took!